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The construction crew was here Monday November 23 from 4:00 am until midnight laying the concrete pad in time to beat the rain on Tuesday. The delays in plan check and with water storage approval have thrown our construction time frame into a wet winter season, which will only contribute to more delays. Our end of year completion date will not be met, but hopefully it won’t be too long after that. Click below to see more pictures of construction.
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Bulk Wine Bulk Wine
Sold by the gallon, this unfinished wine is perfect for your winemakers to tailor to your customers’ tastes. You can blend with your own wines or leave it as it is. All of our wines can stand on their own so you can choose one that fits your brand.
Shiners Shiners
Sold by the case, these unlabeled bottles of wine are a great addition to your tasting room lineup or wine club promotions. No minimum order means you can fill in with what you need and re-order as necessary.