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Shiny New Tanks!

The two tanks flanking the large one in the center are the newest additions to our cellar. These 6,500 gallon tanks were moved in last week. Click below to see more photos of how we moved them into our building via crane and forklift, through our 16-foot roll up door.

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Bulk Wine Bulk Wine
Sold by the gallon, this unfinished wine is perfect for your winemakers to tailor to your customers’ tastes. You can blend with your own wines or leave it as it is. All of our wines can stand on their own so you can choose one that fits your brand.
Shiners Shiners
Sold by the case, these unlabeled bottles of wine are a great addition to your tasting room lineup or wine club promotions. No minimum order means you can fill in with what you need and re-order as necessary.