November Construction Update

Concrete pouring was supposed to be a 2-day job. Because of the wishy washy weather patterns, we wound up having to have it poured all on Monday. The crew contracted by Roland Construction worked from 4:00 am until midnight and then came back on Tuesday morning to do some finishing touches.

Concrete 1

Concrete 2


The gunite for the pool was installed last week. It was incredible. They spray it on super thick- about 1 foot- and then go back with a trowel and shape it to perfection.

The pool will satisfy the county planning department’s requirement for sufficient water storage for all of the buildings on our property in the case of a fire. The county said that they had never approved a pool as fulfilling this requirement but with the help of our pool contractor, Fetter Pools out of Modesto, we were able to provide the country with similar approval requirements from Stanislaus County where they do this type of thing all the time. We just had to add into the pool plans a plumbing system out to the edge of our drive where a fire department approved hydrant will be installed for easy hook-up if we ever have a fire. The alternative was going to be a 17,000 gallon above-ground water storage tank that had to be secured onto an earthquake foundation. This type of tank would have cost about $35,000. We’re glad that we don’t have to have that unsightly thing at our winery…and since we had to spend the money either way, the pool is going to be a much greater investment into the aesthetics and enjoyment of our winery property! More photos to come soon.

Pool Gunite 1 Pool Gunite 2

Pool Gunite 3

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