Harvest Update 2016

At Miramont Estate we are happy to be finished harvesting our vineyard. It is a special time for us, not only because it marks the end of an unpredictable growing season and the beginning of an exciting new vintage, but also because we get to experience it as a family. You can see Michael’s family getting in on the action as they watch their dad drive the harvester.

We harvest most of our vineyard by machine, but some hard to reach areas are harvested by hand. This is when we enjoy getting outside and having a really hands on experience picking grapes side by side with a labor crew, a very valuable temporary addition to our operation. The end result is a beautiful collection of our best grapes which we set aside for our Vintner’s Reserve lot of Cabernet Sauvignon.
But as you can see from the photos, our machine harvested grapes are also top notch. It seems like we say this every year, but we are VERY excited about this vintage. It should be one of our best!!img_5723 img_5726 img_5730 img_5735 img_5736
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