All Sparkling Wine Options

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Sparkling Label Options

New Sparkling Wine Label

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You can view all of our label options in the following link: Sparkling Label Options (Click the link again once you reach the next page)

Work, work, work!

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Work, work, work!

We can fit between 60 and 70 barrels on the floor in our newest cellar building which allows to get a lot done before having to move barrels around, put them away, and make room for the next row. We used to do all of this type of work outside which meant we started at the crack of dawn (sometimes earlier) to get the barrel work done before the heat picks up. But these days, we’ve had so many heat waves that we have to close everything up before 10:00 am anyway so the guys start even earlier to avoid the heat- sometimes at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning!

The barrels in this photo are wet because we spray them with water at the end of the day. It helps to promote humidity, which helps to reduce evaporation.

Fun fact: The evaporation of wine in the barrels is referred to as the “Angels’ Share”

Shiny New Tanks!

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We are growing, yet again. Well, we just added some new tanks to accommodate the growth we’ve experienced over the last several months. The new tanks allow us to be more independent and sustainable. We are moving more and more towards being able to handle all of our production in house. We still have plans for more tanks and another building. These things will help streamline our processes and minimize the set up work involved in different stages of production and different seasons throughout the year/wine making process. Enjoy these photos of how we moved these giant tanks into our temperature controlled cellar.


It’s officially Spring.

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It’s officially Spring.

Which, for us, means unpredictable weather. One day we have beautiful sunshine and the next gloomy skies and torrential down pour. But hey, you don’t hear us complaining about rain!! We got 1.5″ of rain in about 30 hours last week. There was even a tornado warning for our area! Crazy.

We have had sunshine-y days this week, but we’re expecting more rain on Thursday. We are really enjoying the amount of rain we are getting here. We have not had any disasters like some of our California neighbors with dam failures and levee breaches so we are thankful for that and hopeful that we don’t see any more major disasters in other parts of our region.


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The fog gets thick this time of year. From the office we can’t see much past the new winery building. As we peer down the vineyard, the distant rows fade into the haze. We are called Miramont because of the boundless views we get from every angle of the property, specifically the Sierras to the East and Mount Diablo to the West (Miramont is French for Mountain View)….but today is not one of those days.

img_5991 img_5990

Sparkling Wine for the Holiday Season

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Click on the link for a PDF printout of your label options, TO SEE 2 MORE DESIGNS, or to open in a new window: sparkling-label-options

Welcome Back Sara!

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It is so good to have Sara back from maternity leave as we conclude harvest and embark on a busy season closing out the year with our new vintage. Sara captured some of her favorite moments with her new baby and wanted to share those with our valued customers.

img_5161 img_5287


img_5458 img_5722

Harvest Update 2016

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At Miramont Estate we are happy to be finished harvesting our vineyard. It is a special time for us, not only because it marks the end of an unpredictable growing season and the beginning of an exciting new vintage, but also because we get to experience it as a family. You can see Michael’s family getting in on the action as they watch their dad drive the harvester.

We harvest most of our vineyard by machine, but some hard to reach areas are harvested by hand. This is when we enjoy getting outside and having a really hands on experience picking grapes side by side with a labor crew, a very valuable temporary addition to our operation. The end result is a beautiful collection of our best grapes which we set aside for our Vintner’s Reserve lot of Cabernet Sauvignon.
But as you can see from the photos, our machine harvested grapes are also top notch. It seems like we say this every year, but we are VERY excited about this vintage. It should be one of our best!!img_5723 img_5726 img_5730 img_5735 img_5736


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Pardon the cliche but time really does fly.  We can’t believe its been so long and how much has changed since our last post.

IMG_1296 IMG_1297

Harvest is around the corner.  These grapes are at about 19 brix, so in about 3 more weeks they will be ready.  In addition to the grapes ripening we have been making so many improvements to the grounds and buildings.  We are finally situated in our new building.  Early last week we added three more tanks.

IMG_2162 IMG_1342

Here are some of the 500 barrels in the new building.

IMG_1388 IMG_1391

“Miramont” is French for view of the mountains.  From our winery we have an amazing view of Mount Diablo and the Sierra Nevadas.  Dave made this beautiful mural on the floor as you walk through the main entrance of our new building.  It is an excellent depiction of Mount Diablo from our property at sunset.  Believe or not the colors are spot on.  We love our view.


Just last week we had our dusty loading area paved.

IMG_0348 IMG_1245

IMG_1302 IMG_1241

Saving the best for last, the most exciting update is the addition of our beloved Sara’s beautiful baby boy.  Baby Seeley was born on July 9th and weighed 7 lbs 9 ounces.  Baby and mother are healthy and doing well.  They are enjoying their time of bonding.  We definitely miss Sara around here and can’t wait for her to come back.  She thanks everyone for their well wishes and support.