Spring 2016 Update

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IMG_0991 IMG_1014

Enjoy these images of bud break at Miramont Estate Vineyards.

Meanwhile, there are still a lot of changes taking place at Miramont Estate Vineyards- as Dave works hard to beautify the grounds in new ways, the whole property is starting to take on a new look.

For those of you who visit our winery on a regular (or irregular) basis, one exciting change you will enjoy is our new downstairs office. Still under construction, we expect it to be in full use in about 2 weeks. The new office will occupy our old “shipping department” where you might have seen pallets and totes stacked high in a maze filling our retired tasting room. We enjoy when our customers visit and would love to show you around if you are ever in the area. Just give us a call!

January Construction Update

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We have been getting behind on our construction updates so here is what has been going on for the last couple of months. We snap photos with whatever device is handy at the time so some may be a bit blurry but we think you’ll get the idea. The pool is a fun addition for the family, but it is also fulfilling a building code requirement to have water reserves on our property. It is much prettier than the above-ground water storage tank that was to be the alternative before we got this approved by the county.

IMG_0522 IMG_0523

Above: Installation of the tile facing for the water feature

IMG_0533 IMG_0537

Above Left: In the background you can see the framing for the walls and roof for the new building.

Above Right: The ground is getting prepped for concrete decking around the pool.

IMG_0542 IMG_0544

Above: A closer picture of the framing for the building. Our 10,000 gallon tank is our tallest tank and had to be set on the foundation prior to putting up the walls because it would not have fit through the doors after the building was built.

IMG_0546 IMG_0547

Above Left: Here is a view from the “inside” of the building as they install the beams for the roof framing.

Above Right: One of the first walls and one of the first doors to be installed.

IMG_0554 IMG_1271

Above Left: From the house balcony, you can see an overview of the progress on both the pool and the building. There are work trucks here constantly. The dogs have gotten used to it and tend to bark less when they arrive. All the walls are up but the roof has yet to be installed.

Above Right: Most of the roof has been installed except that odd triangular intersection of the two wings of the building. Although they put these up panel by panel, there is still a lot of custom work that is involved with the installation. For this triangular section there has to be a lot of precise measuring and cutting to get the right fit. We are at a point where Dave can start installing some of the interior features that the contractors are not responsible for such as air plumbing for the compressor. When he gets the green light, he will start prepping the floor for his custom painted floor mural at the main entry. He’s doing it himself!! He’s been practicing with his new airbrush painting set and he’s pretty good at it!!

IMG_1277 IMG_1278

Above: The concrete gets hosed in from one end to the other as the guys work on leveling it out. You’d think something like this takes all day long, but this was just the beginning. They were definitely here all day long but after they leveled, they smoothed it out, scraped in the grooves to make it into “sections” that appear like large tiles, smoothed it out some more, and then started stamping in with texture and design. It is finished curing and soon Dave will start on the staining process to get the color he’s looking for. The pool still needs to be plastered on the inside with the aqua blue tint that Dave and Trish chose. It will soon be ready to fill and we can finalize the surrounding landscaping.


November Construction Update

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Concrete pouring was supposed to be a 2-day job. Because of the wishy washy weather patterns, we wound up having to have it poured all on Monday. The crew contracted by Roland Construction worked from 4:00 am until midnight and then came back on Tuesday morning to do some finishing touches.

Concrete 1

Concrete 2


The gunite for the pool was installed last week. It was incredible. They spray it on super thick- about 1 foot- and then go back with a trowel and shape it to perfection.

The pool will satisfy the county planning department’s requirement for sufficient water storage for all of the buildings on our property in the case of a fire. The county said that they had never approved a pool as fulfilling this requirement but with the help of our pool contractor, Fetter Pools out of Modesto, we were able to provide the country with similar approval requirements from Stanislaus County where they do this type of thing all the time. We just had to add into the pool plans a plumbing system out to the edge of our drive where a fire department approved hydrant will be installed for easy hook-up if we ever have a fire. The alternative was going to be a 17,000 gallon above-ground water storage tank that had to be secured onto an earthquake foundation. This type of tank would have cost about $35,000. We’re glad that we don’t have to have that unsightly thing at our winery…and since we had to spend the money either way, the pool is going to be a much greater investment into the aesthetics and enjoyment of our winery property! More photos to come soon.

Pool Gunite 1 Pool Gunite 2

Pool Gunite 3

Wine Region of the Year

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Wine Region of the Year Article Pic

Lodi has been named the Wine Region of the Year by Wine Enthusiast Magazine. Read the full article here.

Our Latest Awards

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2015 Awards- Reserve Cab and Zin

Miramont Estate Vineyards & Winery does not have a tasting room and we don’t do much distribution, so wine competitions are kind of unnecessary for our branch of the business, but it does help to show our customers that we produce award winning wines and that’s what they can expect from our selections. We only enter a couple of wines in a couple of competitions each year and the results never fail. This year we entered two of our wines in the San Francisco International Wine Competition and came home with two medals: 2012 Old Vine Zinfandel earned a Bronze medal and our latest 2014 Vintner’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon from our estate grown grapes won a Silver medal.

Post Harvest Update

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Post Harvest September 2015


The weeks of harvest seem to have been a whirlwind! It went relatively smoothly and our yield, while it wasn’t a bumper crop like the recent years past, was still average and we are very happy with it considering how some other vineyards are faring in our state’s current drought situation. We are working on some exciting things with this new year of winemaking and can’t wait to release the 2015 vintage of wines.

Oh yeah, and remember that building we were working on? Well, we’re still working on it….but we are at a major stand still. There hasn’t been any construction since mid-July because we were waiting for final plan approval. BUT….come to find out, we need a 17,000 gallon water storage tank for fire emergencies. This type of tank and its earthquake proof foundation will cost tens of thousands of dollars. As an alternative, Dave and Trish have decided they’d rather put that money towards a pool with a special hydrant that the fire department can hook up to in the case of a fire emergency. This has only been done once in our county so the bureaucratic approval process is a little stressful for us all. Things are looking up and we hope to get approval of our final plan submission in the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed!

Cab Grapes

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This is a small section of our Cabernet Sauvignon that we pick by hand because the rows are too short and close together for the harvester to fit. We also avoid the rows along the driveway and the edge of the property because the harvester won’t fit there either.

2015 Harvest 7-28-15 02 

Cab grapes are typically smaller in size than Zinfandel grapes; that’s why these ones look so different from the ones in our previous post about veraison.

2015 Harvest will come a lot sooner than previous years. We expect to being in the end of August; this will be the earliest we have started harvest in about 7 years!

Construction Update

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Construction update: The preparation for the foundation has been completed. We must wait for plan approval before we can start to pour concrete for the foundation. They said it might be about a month…so we will wait….and wait!

7-28-15 02 7-28-15 01 7-28-15 03 7-28-15 04


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Veraison begins on our small patch of Zinfandel grapes. We will post pictures of our Cabernet Sauvignon soon too!

Veraison Zinfandel 2015

Construction Continues

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Here are some more pictures of our construction preparation:

IMG_0326 (2)


Construction July 2015 001